As Napoleon used to say: “L’argent, c’est le nerf de la guerre”, so is WoW Gold the key to World of Warcraft. Without sufficient Gold, you will be unable to buy decent equipment, buy your mount (epic or otherwise), or even be able to pay for your level upgrades. Those last two situations, the mount and your upgrades, are embarrassing enough to want to make you crawl in a hole and cry for mommy. Well, maybe not, but you understand what I’m talking about.

Imagine hitting level 40 as a warrior, and not being able to afford the most basic plate armor, for which you’ve been waiting so long, because of penury. Imagine getting to level 40 as any class (except Paladins and Warlocks, who get free mounts) and not being able to spend the measly 90g to get your mount. Imagine, if you will, being level 45 and still hoofing it everywhere, gazing longingly at others passing you on the road on their shiny mounts, looking down on you like the penniless rube you are… Oh, the shame! Oh, the Humanity!

Well, have no fear. While my little article here will not tell you how to earn “1000 gold per hour while doing nothing but counting your hair”, it will explain the rudiments of Gold-Making so that you will have no difficulty buying either your regular or epic mount.

There are but a few simple rules to follow, and here they are:


I thought this would be obvious, but in my experience, it’s not. People like to spend, and most of the time do it like sailors on shore leave. DON’T DO IT. Buy wow gold  The reality is, until you hit level 70, where gear (equipment) is paramount, before then it is more or less irrelevant, as long as you’re wearing something. The quest rewards will be more than sufficient to outfit your toon in decent gear. You can also supplement your quest reward gear with the occasional random drop that fits your character. More on that later.

The exceptions to the don’t-spend rule are – or should be – obvious. Spend the money to buy your level skill upgrades. All of them. If you’re a non-mage casting class, you may have to buy the occasional stack of Mana-regenerating liquid, such as melon juice, ice-cold milk, etc. That’s ok. You can buy those from vendors and they’re not expensive. Besides that, don’t buy food. Level up your cooking and fishing, make your own food or eat what you get as drops.


I thought this was also obvious, but apparently not so. People don’t like to grind. There are A LOT of players with A LOT of Gold. They will buy what they need from the Auction House. My personal rule is as such: everything that is not grey and that I’m not saving or using will go once to the Auction House, using common sense pricing and Auctioneer Add-On. Whatever sells, sells, and the rest will either be vendored or disenchanted if possible. Occasionally I will re-auction something that has not sold, if I think to potential is there or the timing for the first auction was not correct.


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