What ROI Does IVMS / GPS Tracking / Telematics Offer?

An In Vehicle Management System (IVMS), also known as GPS Tracking or Telematics, is an electronic device that is installed in a vehicle or mobile machine, that enables the owner, or authorised third party, to collect, monitor and analyse vehicle data.

What Return on Investment does IVMS Offer Users?
Over 90% of vehicle accidents are attributed to driver behaviour. This is has led to many companies adopting an In Vehicle Management System (IVMS) to provide stakeholders with a 360° view of their fleet and drivers.

IVMS provides small to large businesses the insight needed to effectively manage fleets and to increase profit margins. Your business operations and bottom-line profits will see immediate and ongoing benefits through improved safety, increased productivity, and compliance monitoring.

  • Improved Safety and Risk Management Track the whereabouts of your vehicles and employees, monitor driving patterns, reconstruct accidents, and identify at risk driving behaviour. Fleet Managers are able to determine and manage allowable speeds within defined zones, monitor entry and exit, and record breaches of entry in restricted zon fleet analytics es for added safety and risk management.
  • Increase Fleet Productivity & Improve Operational Control The IVMS Mobile Resource Management platform incorporates job creation, allocation, best route mapping, scheduling and analysis, enabling your organisation to benefit from optimised delivery routes, and to quickly identify and dynamically respond to problems.
  • Improved Asset Condition and Lifespan Monitor and address harsh braking, excessive acceleration, speeding, over-revving, freewheeling, and tyre pressure through IVMS to improve the lifespan of your assets.
  • Theft Prevention Unauthorised vehicle use can be tracked geographically and in real time to assist with swift asset recovery.
  • Easily Calculate Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) Running costs are tracked and calculated through use of our IVMS mobile app, to enable accurate calculation of vehicle running costs for FBT purposes.
  • Monitor Fuel Consumption Highlighting and addressing incidents of speeding, over-revving and unauthorised vehicle use, and utilising best route mapping will aid you in significantly improving your fleet fuel consumption.
  • Accurate Driver Identification Compatible with several forms of driver identification devices, our IVMS system can utilise Dallas Keys, RFID or CARDAX cards, or your existing employee swipe card system.