– Before hiring a contractors, get every thing in writing. It is very important to save future arguments e.g. “you didn’t say to fix the broken tiles” etc.

– Always put start and completion dates in your contract. Let contractor aware when they have to start and finish this project

– Motivate contractors to finish their job on time. It is good practice to add penalties in the contract. It is not enough to say work has to be completed by Feb. 5th ; but better to add “$50 per day to be deducted from the contract price for each day the job is unfinished beyond Feb. 5th.

– Make sure what exactly you want your contractor to do for you. If you don’t know what you want, you might not like what you get. Also, if you change your mind and change the job halfway through, the contract – and price – have changed

– It is not a good idea to call first one in the How to construct great arguments phone book. Always ask friends who had work done. Find a recommendation based on a similar job to yours. Ask contractor if they have done similar job else where; and if you can contact them to know your workmanship?

– Never ever pay too much upfront. When contractor is signing your contract it is OK to give a reasonable deposit for material. And never pay in full until job is satisfactory and finished on time.

– Expect a mess and noise when contractors are on job. If the job is outdoor or too noisy let your neighbors aware of heavy equipment, dirt around your property and equipment noise. Cover things if it is a dusty job in your house. Also be clear in the contract that the jobsite will be cleaned up at the end of the job.


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