Have you been glued to the tv watching reality-based shows like The Colony where they must accumulate survival food supplies or perish? Even in those survival shows such as Man vs Wild and Survivor Man and such, do you see some of that. Here are some ideas to ensure that you still have some nourishment in situations like this is by preparing in advance.

Develop your own garden. You can raise vegetables and other edible plants in your backyard. You can raise your plants in a pot or just plainly on the ground.

Learn they types of foods that you can either preserve, dry or mre for sale freeze. More so the first two than the latter as you may not be able to freeze your food in most circumstances.

So plant foods such as nuts and fruit trees in your backyard. Your fruit trees can grow larger, and in time, you can make use of the tree’s branches as a shade in the meantime!

Learn how to preserve the food that you grow. There are many ways in preserving your food. You can do methods like food-canning and food-drying or dehydrating.

You can buy your own generator and stock up your storage room with enough fuel. Also, you can buy a propane generator to keep your food frozen. You can do any method as long as your food stays frozen. You will be able to have food for a few days at least even though you do not have enough electricity. Keep a supply of water, wood, charcoal and gas so if electricity turns off, you won’t be able to cook your food if you did not prepare gas and wood or charcoal.

Seal the secret within your home. Never let your neighbors know that you have a food supply that can last for six months. When everyone in the neighborhood knows that you have an enormous amount of food supply, well, the next thing that you will know is that all of your food is gone.

A cupboard is not good enough for your survival food supply so get something especially for this purpose. You must need a place wherein people won’t easily know that there is food inside. Also, the room must be safe from getting damped or getting flooded.

Have a supply of private hygiene items. These items include toilet tissue paper, soap, towels, toothbrush, toothpaste, and alcohol. These things make you feel better and thus works on your psychology and you will be able to think clearer.

Also save some sweets like candies and cookies in a resealable container or bags to protect them from other critters who also want to eat.

Do you know how to cook rice without a rice cooker? Watching these survival shows, I’m actually happy that my mom taught me how to cook rice from a pot. Learn how to cook from without the microwave or automatic cookers. You can also make your own composting toilet.

Learn what types of food are edible in your neck of the woods and especially, what are not and learn skills of the hunters and gatherers of the past. You must know how to catch a fish. You must also prepare supplies for hunting since hunting will make your food supply continue.

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