A new addition to the Samsung Shark range has now been released, the latest Samsung Shark 3 which is also known by its model number as the Samsung S3550 is a new sliding phone that although is named with a higher number falls into the mid range of the new series.

This latest phone looks very similar to the previously released Samsung Shark 2 S5550 but strips back a little on features in order to offer a lower price tag. The trademark textured, silver back casing is still present which the new Samsung Shark range is renowned for but the S3550 offers a 2 mega pixel camera as opposed to the 5.0 mega pixel unit of the S5550.

The Samsung Shark 3 also offers a 2 inch 240 x 320 pixel display, support for social networking websites, an MP3 player and FM radio and weighs in at just 79g.

Alongside Twitter and Facebook integration users can also chat using multi instant messaging which supports many different services.55au7700

Although the front of the phone could be mistaken for a dated model of about two years ago the reverse is a different kettle of fish entirely, finished in a metallic, grooved design it gives the phone a premium look and feel.

This just about wraps up what the Samsung Shark 3 is all about, a phone that can perform those essential tasks encased in a stylish and fashionable housing but without the high price of some of the top-end devices.

Competition against this new handsets comes in the form of the LG GM205 which although a candy-bar format offers the same 2MP camera which very few new handsets still inherit. Further up the scale there is the new Samsung S5200 and Nokia 7230 which are also both sliding phones.

For those on an even tighter budget the Nokia 2220 Slide makes for a great alternative with a slightly less advanced camera but bags of style whilst the Samsung S3100 offers a 1.3 mega pixel camera but with a similar design and also comes in a female friendly pink edition.

The Samsung S3550 has been initially launched on O2 Pay As You Go deals, there are further newtork releases planned for this latest Shark phone on pay monthly contract deals as well as a SIM Free launch as an unlocked and unbranded mobile phone.


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