With the latest advancements in technology deep fryers aren’t the way they were in the past, with hot-to-touch surfaces, exteriors and the constant risk of cooking food. There are a myriad of kinds of cool touch electric deep fryers that are available on the market from a variety of brands. Presto Cool Daddy is one of them. Presto Cool Daddy deep fryer is one of the appliances that requires no introduction to a lot of users across the globe.

Although I’ve never tried this model before I was unsure of my feelings when I connected the appliance for the first time. The advertisements of the manufacturer claimed that it could be used for 6 servings and, as it turns out it did pass this test with flying colours. While it took a while to heat the oil, the first time was slower than anticipated but everything else was smooth.

This Presto 0444 Cool Daddy deep fryer comes with a Ninja DT201 Vs DT251 air fryer  one-year limited warranty. It operates at 120 V AC with 1500 Watts, which is a large enough power for serious use. It produces delicious, crispy and crunch deep-fried food items that are appreciated by so many including shrimp, chicken French Fries, onion rings.

Like other fryers with good quality The handle on the outside allows food to be dropped in the fryer without needing opening the lid. i.e. closing the lid with the wire mesh that is above the oil,and it is then lower. After the initial load of food items, the lid will should not be opened until the job is finished; a very good security device.

The large windows allow you to observe what’s happening inside, without opening the cover. The cover is equipped with the ability to lock it shut to stop spills and odors, ensuring your home is secure and free of odors. While it’s true that fried food tastes delicious but the lingering smells aren’t always a pleasant experience. The odors are eliminated through a charcoal-based air filtering system that can be replaced easily.

The thermostat is adjustable, allowing you to choose the temperature you want, and the indicator will blink when the oil has been sufficiently hot enough to cook.

The last thing that impressed me was how easy it is to clean the device using a non-stick cookware that can be easily removed from its base and did so with ease. It is cleanable with hot soapy water, or be placed in the dishwasher. I consider it an essential feature of any fryer, since cleaning it up can be an issue for anyone with a neck.

I’m delighted to announce that, even though it was a bit slow, the Presto Cool Daddy deep fryer took longer than I anticipated to get the oil heated but everything else was flawless. It is certainly the most cool-touch electric deep fryer price can buy you that’s why I’m putting the T Fal the EZ Clean (another appliance that I would recommend) to the side.

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