There’s not really a significant difference between traditional land-based slot machines or online ones. The reason is that they all rely on computer chip technology to make their slots and reels, and the results of spinning the reel. In the past the slot machines came with an actual handle which could be pulled to manually move the spinners. Today, although slot machines still have an actual handle to make for nostalgia purposes, actual mechanisms of the slot machine is computer-driven. In many instances, the handle has been replaced by a button you press to get the machine’s reels spinning.


Certain machines on land have real spinning reels that are inside the machine and stop when a certain amount of time has passed which is similar to the wheel of a roulette. There are also increasing amounts of machines in the real world with an interface that is digital, which means that the  olympus slot reels are displayed virtually, much in the same way that they appear displayed on your computer screen when playing online.


So the primary distinction between land-based slot machines and online slots is how you interact with the machines. It is physically possible to perform an action when you play on a machine that is located in a physical location like pulling a handle, or pressing the button. On the internet, everything can be accomplished with the click of your mouse.


There’s a third subject that is very interesting to you. It is a place where there is a small but significant distinction between slot machines online and those found in casinos that are located in the real world. This is because the payout rate in online casinos is usually greater than those in real-world casinos. The casino’s “hold” or edge over the player is smaller, which makes your online time more profitable over time.


The difference isn’t huge typically less than one percentage point but it does add up over time, and could be the difference between being in the middle or slightly behind.


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