It may not be a good idea to remodel if you were just laid off or are starting a new job. It’s probably not a good idea if your adjustable rate mortgage went up and you are struggling to meet your house payments and it’s definitely not a good idea if you are living off of credit cards paying interest for everyday expenditures. But let’s assume you’ve been on your job for awhile and your position is not in imminent danger. Let’s also assume you have chosen to live within your means and haven’t spent 6 cents for every nickel you’ve earned the last few years. And finally let’s assume that your credit is good and perhaps you even have some savings tucked away.

Is now a good time to remodel your kitchen? Absolutely!

The unfortunate folks who have lost their jobs along with those who simply refused to live within their means are no longer candidates for a kitchen remodel. The custom cabinets orange county result is better pricing, better service and better quality for the potential customers that remain.

Better pricing because potential customers are fewer and more cautious about making major purchases at this time. They need to be incentivized to buy now rather than later. Better service and quality because many unprofessional and or unethical remodelers are already out of business and those contractors that remain have more time and resources to devote to each project. Remember, when work is slow, the value of a good reputation is increased.

So now you’re convinced that this might be a good time to remodel that 70’s kitchen of yours? Do the usual guidelines for a successful kitchen remodel still apply? Yes they do. The first thing to do is to ask your self a couple of questions. What exactly do I hope to accomplish by remodeling my kitchen? And what am I willing to invest to get what I want?

Remember, “He who aims at nothing usually hits it.” You need targets both for the scope of work and for your budget. Are you remodeling for resale? Is the house a rental? Is the new kitchen for you and your family? Invest some time in learning what need, like and can afford. Visit model homes, watch kitchen programs, build a file of pictures, layouts, articles, etc. Educate yourself; it’s your home. Select your kitchen remodeler with care.

The person/company you are looking for should be:

o Local with an established business location. They are easier to find and less likely to take off if problems arise.
o Personable, knowledgeable and accessible. You will be working with this person for some time so be sure you can get along together, that the person can answer your questions and that they will be available if you need them.
o Licensed, bonded and insured.
o Happy to provide a least a dozen recent references not just 2 or 3.
o Willing to put everything in writing so everyone is clear regarding costs, scheduling, responsibilities, and what to expect.

Make a plan for how you will live during the remodel. Move out, cook out, eat out? Don’t underestimate the time the disruption will last. Plan for the worst and hope for the best.

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