Anyone who has spent shivering or a cold night in a tent knows the real worth of a sleeping bag. In fact, it is the most important ingredient of camping gear you may ever buy. While seeing the importance of these bags, this guide will help you to choose fully featured lightweight bags you may need for specific hiking and camping purposes.

Many individuals wonder what benefits a sleeping bag can offer. A temperature rating above freezing is one of the most important features of these bags. In short, these bags have many types of practical uses like:

• Bike camping

• Desert camping

• Camping in a midsummer or in areas of Rocky Mountains

Just like other bags, lightweight bags are available in two AKSOUL sleeping pad types, filled with synthetic and filled with goose down. Each of these ones has their own merits and demerits. For example, goose down bags is small in size and a little bit warmer but they can be useless in case of getting wet. Thus, if there is a chance of getting these bags wet or if you are camping in rainy season frequently, go with synthetic ones. For people who frequently visit areas of dry climate must go for goose down bag.

Lightweight bags temperature ratings vary from one model to another but all are designed for extreme freezing weather. Here are a few things you must remember about these lightweight bags.

Getting the correct temperature rating for these bags is very important. The rule of thumb is that you need to pick ratings above 10 degrees cooler than what you anticipate being in. Remember that temperature changes daily so it is better to get prepared with the accurate temperature ratings. Sleeping bags having 15-20 degrees are good for the usage of winter season and with 25 or above for the summer season. If you are brave souls who plan to camp in winter season, make sure to get bags having a temperature rating of 0 degrees or more.

• If you are a person having the problem of slow metabolism, you should add 15 degrees on the sleeping bag ratings. This sleeping bag rated to 30 degrees will keep you warm in winter season down to 50 degrees.

• Most lightweight sleeping bags are more charitable and comfortable in their rating. For accurate temperature rating, you need to add five degrees more to these bags. In case of having cold sleeping properties, add 15 degrees.

• A sleeping pad is another essential item for your camping trip. Without this pad, you may not be able to use the sleeping bag as you will feel cold all night.

Other Features

A sleeping bag made with good material is the key to stay dry and warm at the time of crashing under the open sky. They are available in water-resistant breathable stuff used in linings design and shells to stay dry. Camping whether car camping or high adventure is fun particularly when you possess the right equipment so you need to investigate and then invest your money in the right lightweight sleeping bags.

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