The sales of iPhones have outpaced the sales of computers in recent months and loyal users often wait in line for hours to get the next generation of iPhone, so looking at the market and Developing iPhone Apps is as simple as supply and demand. But it’s not easy to get into the iPhone app store anymore. With over 10,000 submissions per week you have a lot of people to compete with to get approval for your app. Then, you also have a lot of competition for your market to find your app and actually download it. Don’t despair, you can still create useful apps that get approved if you make sure that it’s something people want, it will get downloaded. The opportunities for success are limited only by your imagination and your programmer’s talent.

First, come up with a useful idea, then if you are not a programmer hire a programmer on a site such as, or Ensure that you layout your ideas clearly and specifically as well as have an iron clad non disclosure agreement and contract with your programmer so that expenses do not get out of hand. Make sure your coder has already had experience creating approved iPhone apps. Ensure that your programmer knows the standards and requirements that Apple lays out for programmers so that the quality is high enough that Apple will accept the application when you turn it in.

Your app should provide productivity to its user in a way that hasn’t been done before or that enhances other productivity apps. iPhone is very picky about apps that improve the iPhone in any way so focus on providing something new that helps increase productivity for the user, provides fresh content, or AEON Card JAL 回贈 otherwise expands your brand. You can make money via advertising, or via charging for the application.

Creating the app is only one step in the money making process. Your next step is to market your app and convince your customers to download it. You can start by offering a free version with an upgrade available, or you can market via article marketing, forums, blogs, and even pay per click advertising. One really awesome feature that Apple offers is that they feature especially inventive new applications. Remember that they also make money when you make money so it is a win-win situation. If you’ve created a quality application that has a useful or even a funny purpose you will get featured.

Another aspect that encourages downloading after you’re in the store is the look of your application. Spend the time and money on the look and design and coloring of your logo. The screen on the iPhone allows for beautiful graphics so make full use of that. It’s the first thing people see, which will go far in creating a desire for your potential customer to download your product. Regardless if the product is a free or paid app the look of the app will encourage buying and using of your app.

If you already have an online brand it is important to keep within your brand and your niche so that you look the same through all marketing channels and are known for providing the same benefits online regardless of how your clients find you, via website or mobile device you. If you do what you already do well in person, or on the computer, then you can do it via iPhone app too creating another channel where you can make money by Developing iPhone Apps.


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