Too often I am asked the question by people who are selling online via classified ads sites, “why items at equal prices from the same site are selling differently?” For example, two online sellers offer cell phones. Of course, good technical parameters and low price are what potential buyers look for. In our case, the cell phones have the same technical parameters and the sellers set the equal prices. But how to explain the situation when one seller has a lot of sales and another hasn’t sold them at all?

Creating an attractive listing at a classifieds website free classifieds in pakistan with good visual effects is critical to the success of getting your item sold. It is a vital step in the selling process. The purchase starts when your product attracts your client’s attention. Your potential buyers can not view or touch your products in reality. They are trying to compose their opinion only according to the product visuals.

A slideshow will help to create a good presentation of your products with multiple photos. It’s important, not only to have a desirable item and low price, but a good visualization of your product that will grab buyers’ attention and convince them to buy it. In the slideshow you can view pictures without selecting each image separately, adjust various options such as image rotation speed, can pause or resume slideshow, increase or decrease the image rotation speed, flip images manually, and switch to next or previous. It is more comfortable to view pictures in the slideshow, isn’t it?

Clear and representative video from YouTube will also help to attract more buyers and generate more sales. A listing owner can place a clip pertaining to the listing on the YouTube video share service and display this video on the listing details page. Whether you seek to entertain, inform, or both, video is a powerful channel for quick customer communication.

To make buyers view your items in search results you should take your time and customize the appearance of your listings. I believe, and statistics do indicate, that the Highlight will help to make listings look different and stand out among other competing listings in search results. Your listing will be in a different background against another listing background in search results.

Therefore, the key to the situation mentioned above is to improve the impression and attractiveness of your listing, make your listings stand out among all the others using visual effects and make buyers want to view your items and, as a result, buy them.

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